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A 3-step guide to Thanksgiving

We recognize the difficulty of cooking the bird, making sure the stuffing is just right and tidying up the house for guests while simultaneously keeping tabs on your eggnog count. Here’s a 3-step guide to celebrating Thanksgiving responsibly as your friends and guests flock home for the Holidays.

1. Hosting: If you’re the one stuffing your house with family and friends, make sure you’re also providing a responsible atmosphere. Here are some tips to ensure a safe environment:

a. If you serve alcohol, always remember to also serve food, water, and non-alcoholic beverages. It’s important for guests to have alternative options.

b. Prevent underage drinking by keeping an eye on your younger guests to make sure no one drinks underage.

c. Adults should always model responsible behavior — especially if kids are around. Remember that kids are surprisingly perceptive, and they’ll notice if Mom or Dad says, “I could use a drink” when the stress of hosting starts to take its toll.

d. Designate a driver or provide alternate transportation for your guests. Make sure all guests make it home safely.

2. Hometown Reunions: For some younger adults, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is being referred to as “Blackout Wednesday,” which is a disturbing trend in some parts of the country. College students return back home for the holiday to see old friends and some engage in binge drinking. Adding to the danger of the trend, some then get behind the wheel after overconsuming. If you’re of legal drinking age, and chose to hit the town for this reunion, here are some tips to make it a safe and responsible night:

a. Since you’re back with old buddies, keep the chatter going by sharing a cab. You never know, maybe you could even have your parent’s pick you up, for old time sake! Just always plan transportation ahead of time, avoid even the possibility of getting behind the wheel after drinks.

b. Check out our virtual bar at to learn your limits before the night begins.

3. Turkeys can’t fly and neither can you: transport yourself safely: Although it might free up the roadways, flying isn’t an option to get home after a night of drinking. Always plan ahead so that drunk driving is not an irresponsible last resort home. Here are some tips to always ensure that you and your friends get home safely:

a. Keep a local cab number handy. If it’s readily available to you, it’s easy to make the call!

b. Have a designated driver.

Thanksgiving is a time for recognizing the importance of family and friends. By being responsible and safe this Wednesday, you’re ensuring those who are thankful for you can reunite with you year after year.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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