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Alcohol Responsibility Month Meets Healthy Living Month

April is Alcohol Responsibility Month. For our partners at Classroom Champions, April is also Healthy Living Month, so they take the opportunity to discuss both themes by talking to kids about the dangers of underage drinking for the entirety of April. Athlete Mentors will talk with their kids about why their hard work, dedication and saying NO to underage drinking was critical to their athletic successes.

Teachers: Responsibility Starts with You. It’s never the wrong time to bring up conversations that will better prepare your students for the real world. Use Alcohol Responsibility Month as your opportunity to talk about the importance of saying NO to underage drinking and YES to a healthy lifestyle.

Education helps kids make smart decisions. It’s no coincidence that underage drinking has decreased 62% and conversations about the dangers of underage drinking have increased 19%. YOU have the power to start the conversation in your classroom today. By being that catalyst, they’ll be able to ask questions, get factual answers and be better prepared to make healthy choices.

Our partners at Classroom Champions aren’t the only ones having this important conversation this month. We would love to know what responsibility means to you, teachers. Find resources to help facilitate the conversations in your classroom at and join the conversation using #StartsWithMe.

As the online voice of Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix and manager of #TalkEarly, Genevieve Adams, Manager Communications, has always had a philanthropic spirit and enjoys working for a non-profit that positively impacts our nation’s youth.

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