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Ashley Wagner: I don't let peer pressure get in my way

It’s been one heck of a year and there’s no one I’d rather celebrate with than and Ask, Listen, Learn. I joined the team last year so that I could better communicate with kids about my decision to not drink underage. It’s so important to me because the sacrifices I made when I was younger are the reason I’m where I am today. I truly do love what I do and I find that my passion fuels my success – and I don’t let peer pressures get in my way.

For this Alcohol Awareness Month, talk with your friends and parents about what you can accomplish by not drinking alcohol underage. It’s through these discussions that you can really visualize success, visualize your dreams becoming a reality. This is so important and the reason athletes can compete at such high levels. There’s so much you don’t realize your body is going through as a young person, and drinking alcohol underage is not going to help you reach your goals.

How do you steer clear of peer pressures? Tweet at @AskListenLearn how you say NO to underage drinking.

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