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Back on TRAC

Back on TRAC: Treatment, Responsibility, and Accountability on Campus is a national initiative that offers an institution a collaborative methodology for redesigning its programming so that it can systematically, holistically, and effectively intervene when a student’s repeated pattern of substance abuse has undermined his/her emotional, physical, and academic well-being.

Back on TRAC applies the principles and components of the successful drug court model to the college environment. It holds substance-abusing students to a high level of accountability while providing individualized treatment and compliance monitoring. It operates within the confines of existing resources without interrupting a student’s educational process. It also unites campus leaders, judicial affairs personnel, treatment providers, and health professionals with their governmental, judicial, and treatment counterparts in the surrounding community; an intervention partnership that should serve as the hub for a comprehensive campus/community strategy for dealing with underage drinking and drug use. Back on TRAC provides the tools and structural integrity to make a campus-based “leveraged” intervention appropriate and highly likely to be successful.