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Bella Thorne spends day with iDECIDE contest winners!

Bella Thorne is a student, a daughter, movie star and a great role model. As the spokesperson for iDECIDE, she recently met with contest winners to talk about the obstacles she faced at school like bullies and peer pressure.

The two winners, Olivia and Keara from Pennsylvania, were so excited to not only meet and spend a day with Bella, but to also talk about what sort of adversity they’re facing in school. She sat down with them and expressed how iDECIDE is so close to her heart because she gets to relay positive messages to kids all over the country.

iDECIDE is designed to empower teens to make smart, sound decisions. Tons of students everyday experience peer pressures, like underage drinking, and it’s important for them to hear that they’re not alone! Bella joined the team to instill confidence in teens everywhere that who they are is exactly who they need to be!

The contest was a huge success as people from all over the country entered for the chance to fly to Los Angeles to meet Bella and win a shopping spree! The winners walked away with fresh clothes and a wonderful experience as they took Bella’s advice to heart.

“My favorite thing about meeting and spending time with fans is definitely getting to know their personalities and what they’re going through in their life…” said Bella.

A huge THANK YOU to all who participated in the #iDECIDE contest!

Want to hear more?? We have a great video filled with highlights from the experience! Watch now!