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Tommy McFly

Morning Show Host, 94.7 Fresh FM

Tommy Mcfly is the host of The Tommy Show on 94.7 Fresh FM with co-hosts Kelly Collis and Jen Richer.

Kristina Jasmin

6th Grade Science Teacher, Participating Classroom Champions teacher

Kristina Jasmin is a 6th grade science teacher in Kissimmee , Florida. She is a participating Classroom Champions teacher.

Recent Posts

  • CARS 1-Year Anniversary: 12 Months of System Improvement

    Judge Richard Vlavianos of San Joaquin County, California often relays a story about one of his DUI Court participants that underscores the need for assessment. Her underlying mental health issues, which likely contributed to her offending, had gone unidentified despite ... Read More >

  • NHTSA Launches New Drug-Impaired Driving Initiative

    At the end of January, NHTSA’s Deputy Administrator Heidi King announced that drugged driving will become a top priority for the agency. NHTSA will bring together stakeholders to develop and adopt a collaborative and coordinated strategy to combat drug-impaired driving ... Read More >

  • 2017 Legislative Wrap-Up

    In 2017, supported legislation in 47 states. In all, 57 bills passed into law in 27 different states.  Our legislative report shows you: Where the legislation passed What kind of laws are taking effect When they take place What ... Read More >

  • Taking DUI Courts to Scale

    In the past, I have discussed the groundbreaking work being done in San Joaquin County, California under the leadership of Judicial Advisory Board Member Judge Richard Vlavianos. An innovator and leader within the criminal justice field, Judge Vlavianos relies ... Read More >