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Stop Repeat DUI Offenders

Two bills that are imperative for Maryland drivers and will keep repeat DUI offenders off the roads, have scheduled hearings this week.

On Tuesday, February 6 at 1 p.m. EST, the Maryland Senate Committee on Judicial Proceedings will hold a hearing for Senate Bill 296. And on Wednesday, February 7 at 1 p.m. EST, the Maryland House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing for House Bill 349.

Call the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee at (410) 841-3623 and the House Judiciary Committee at (410) 841-3348 and encourage them to pass SB 296 and HB 349! supports the passage of House Bill 349 and Senate Bill 296 for these reasons:

  • This bill makes the 4th impaired driving conviction a felony.
  • Only 46 states have passed felony DUI laws.
  • Currently, Maryland lacks felony DUI legislation. Let’s change that today.

The added punitiveness that felony charges carry has the potential to remove these individuals from the road and protect the public at large. We have seen far too many lives taken by repeat drunk drivers here in Maryland. Contact you Maryland State Delegates and Senators today and voice your support for these bills.

To learn more, visit the General Assembly of Maryland website.


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