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  • Help your Kids make Healthy Choices with Ask,Listen,Learn

    The responsibilities of a parent are seemingly endless. From the basics, like ensuring kids are fed and looked after when they’re little, to the more dynamic, like teaching them about underage drinking, peer pressure, and ultimately being responsible by their ... Read More >

  • April is Alcohol Responsibility Month!

    Whether you’re a parent looking to talk to your kids about the dangers of underage drinking, or you want to encourage your peers to drink responsibly, all year long we strive to produce encouraging content that will help people start ... Read More >

  • Traffic Safety Leaders Convene in Charlotte, NC

    This week, practitioners and advocates from across the country gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina for the nation’s largest traffic safety conference. Lifesavers offers a unique opportunity for professionals to exchange valuable information about the challenges they are facing and the ... Read More >

  • Advocacy in Annapolis

    Most state legislatures are well into their legislative sessions by now and some, like Virginia, have even adjourned already. We are supporting 130 bills in 35 states and the District of Columbia so far this year. One of our top ... Read More >