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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    As Thanksgiving approaches, we asked our team to answer a question: What are you thankful for? The responses were heartfelt and joyful. Zany but wonderful families came up more than once, as did the workplace. The list of things we are ... Read More >

  • Traffic Safety Spotlight: Chief Michael Brown

    Today we celebrate Alexandria’s Chief of Police Michael Brown, for his nearly four-decade long contribution to law enforcement, public policy and traffic safety. Chief Brown began his career as a Los Angeles police officer then eventually rose to the rank ... Read More >

  • Traffic Safety Spotlight: Jared Olson

    Jared Olson is one of the longest serving Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutors (TSRP) in the country. For years, Jared has served Idaho through his commitment to traffic safety. He has furthered the field through his work with both local and ... Read More >

  • Traffic Safety Spotlight: Ali Edelstein

    We are excited to announce 2017 Kevin Quinlan Awardee, Ali Edelstein! Ali is the first Director of Social Responsibility at the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, where she has forged partnerships to bring on-demand safe rides to rural Kentucky Bourbon Trail communities. ... Read More >