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  • Dr. Wolf: My child has no friends

        From The Globe and Mail “Every weekend, when I know most of the kids in his grade are out doing stuff with friends, my Ryan is always home. Nobody calls him and he seems to have nobody to ... Read More >

  • "An Open Letter to My Son on His 16th Birthday"

    This post was reprinted with permission from the author, Lori Landau, originally published at New Jersey Mom's blog. A few days ago you took me for a drive in our car. Just before you backed out of the garage, you ... Read More >

  • Dr. Wolf: Teen sex comes to a bedroom near you

    It's not an arrangement that most parents choose so much as one they succumb to under pressure Dear Dr. Wolf, I'd appreciate your views on the boyfriend/girlfriend sleepover. It's not unusual these days for older teens to expect their parents ... Read More >

  • Brandon Tells His Story

    As many teenagers do, Brandon Silveria thought he was invincible. He learned the hard way that he is not, and that drinking and driving mix. Brandon and his family have been paying for his bad decision ever since. When Brandon ... Read More >

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