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Tommy McFly

Host - Emcee - Commentator, The Tommy Show

Tommy Mcfly and Kelly Collis wake up the Nation’s Capital with a brand of community, kindness and fun like nothing else in the local media ecosystem.

Kristina Jasmin

6th Grade Science Teacher, Participating Classroom Champions teacher

Kristina Jasmin is a 6th grade science teacher in Kissimmee , Florida. She is a participating Classroom Champions teacher.

Recent Posts

  • Know your limits B4Udrink

    I’m a 150 lb, 35 year-old woman who is 5’7” and had a glass of wine with dinner at a friend’s house before driving home. I’m a 210 lb, 50 year-old man who is 6’0” and had a few beers ... Read More >

  • Godfrey the Comedian at Hampton University

    You may remember last year we worked with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal and his good friend Godfrey the Comedian to fight binge drinking on the campuses at Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the country. We had great success and ... Read More >

  • A 3-step guide to Thanksgiving

    We recognize the difficulty of cooking the bird, making sure the stuffing is just right and tidying up the house for guests while simultaneously keeping tabs on your eggnog count. Here’s a 3-step guide to celebrating Thanksgiving responsibly as your ... Read More >

  • Join our webinar next week on college binge drinking

    Reducing college binge drinking is a difficult task that must involve everyone in the community — from college administrators and campus police to local municipalities. Our work on preventing college binge drinking is made possible through partnerships with many outstanding, ... Read More >

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