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Tommy McFly

Morning Show Host, 94.7 Fresh FM

Tommy Mcfly is the host of The Tommy Show on 94.7 Fresh FM with co-hosts Kelly Collis and Jen Richer.

Kristina Jasmin

6th Grade Science Teacher, Participating Classroom Champions teacher

Kristina Jasmin is a 6th grade science teacher in Kissimmee , Florida. She is a participating Classroom Champions teacher.

Recent Posts

  • NHTSA Launches New Drug-Impaired Driving Initiative

    At the end of January, NHTSA’s Deputy Administrator Heidi King announced that drugged driving will become a top priority for the agency. NHTSA will bring together stakeholders to develop and adopt a collaborative and coordinated strategy to combat drug-impaired driving ... Read More >

  • We Gave You the Facts, Now Know the Laws

    Today proudly presents its newest resource – Maps that quickly, reliably, and comprehensively provide up-to-date information on state impaired driving and underage drinking laws. The new map feature is a natural companion to our State Facts statistics feature. Both are ... Read More >

  • Teens driving drunk less, driving high more

    During the early 1980s, there were more than 5,000 drunk driving fatalities among drivers under age 21. Fast forward 33 years later: The number of drunk driving fatalities involving underage youth has decreased nearly 80% since 1982. We can credit ... Read More >

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