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Tommy McFly

Host - Emcee - Commentator, The Tommy Show

Tommy Mcfly and Kelly Collis wake up the Nation’s Capital with a brand of community, kindness and fun like nothing else in the local media ecosystem.

Kristina Jasmin

6th Grade Science Teacher, Participating Classroom Champions teacher

Kristina Jasmin is a 6th grade science teacher in Kissimmee , Florida. She is a participating Classroom Champions teacher.

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  • New Classroom. Same Values.

    There is no doubt about it; no matter what our kids’ classrooms look like this year, this is a new situation for the students, educators, and parents alike. The classroom is different, but the values remain the same. Parents and ... Read More >

  • 5 Truths About Middle Schoolers

    We spoke to Phyllis Fagell, school counselor and author of “Middle School Matters” about some of the common misconceptions that parents may have about the stereotypically challenging tween years. Read More >

  • Happy Mother's Day!

    We asked some of the moms here at to break down their parenting style into one word and then describe how that embodies their journey as a mother. We love the responses that they came up with... Read More >

  • Talking to Your Kids Before Spring Break

    Many a memory was made on spring break—the stuff of legend. Miles away from parents, classrooms and especially rules, we thought we were grown and we were prone to doing grown things—some of which we had absolutely no business doing. Be clear: things haven’t changed with our own children. In ... Read More >

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