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Brandon Tells His Story

As many teenagers do, Brandon Silveria thought he was invincible. He learned the hard way that he is not, and that drinking and driving mix. Brandon and his family have been paying for his bad decision ever since.

When Brandon was 17, he had everything a teenager could want—a job, a girlfriend and plans for the future. He was a star athlete. He had good grades. He was one of the most popular kids in school. But when Brandon chose to drink and drive a few days before his high school prom, his whole life came crashing down.

Brandon had a few drinks at a friend’s party. He made a bad decision and chose to drive home. After falling asleep at the wheel, Brandon’s car crossed the centerline and crashed into a tree head-on. Brandon was left in a coma for three months and spent several years in rehabilitation. Brandon was so badly injured that basic motor functions such as walking, talking and swallowing had to be re-learned. Brandon has permanent brain injury and still suffers from dangerous seizures to this day.

Brandon and his father, Tony, have chosen to use Brandon’s tragedy as a lesson for others on the consequences of drunk driving. On behalf of The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, they have taken their program, Brandon Tells His Story, to over three million students in middle and high schools across the country. For this year’s Alcohol Awareness Month in April alone, Brandon will have visited 17 high schools in North Carolina, Washington, California, Virginia, Florida and Montana. As high schools begin to approach prom and graduation season, Brandon and Tony are scheduled to visit several more schools over the next month. Brandon’s presentations continue to receive standing ovations from students across the country.

You can find more information about Brandon and order his DVD via his website -

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