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Carlin High Combined School students learn to drive safely with IKnowEverything

IKnowEverything had a great week on the sunny West Coast! We started out at Carlin High Combined School in Carlin, NV. Carlin High’s FCCLA chapter was thrilled to be part of the challenge and we received a huge round of applause. Carlin High may be a small school, but what they lack in size, they made up for in excitement. Elko County Sheriff Jim Pitts spoke at the end of the challenge with a personal story about family members that have lost both their licenses and jobs from drunk driving. He informed the students that drunk driving and texting while driving costs the most money, property damage, and most importantly, lives. Why take the chance?

Right outside Salt Lake City in Draper, UT, we brought the IKnowEverything challenge to Corner Canyon High School. The FCCLA students and advisor, Charri Jensen, were more than prepared to host the IKnowEverything program with their ongoing “Don’t Drive Stupid” safe driving campaign. The energetic and outgoing FCCLA students even set up a display for the challenge, which featured construction hats with sayings such as, “stop aggressive driving,” “you snooze you lose –don’t drive drowsy,” and “stop texting and driving.” The students that attended the program were hand-picked by Ms. Jensen. She wanted the student leaders to attend the event so they could set examples for the rest of the school. After the challenge, the students acted out different distracted driving situations in order to win FCCLA backpacks and t-shirts. Ms. Jensen spoke at the end about a personal story that shook the audience. The students proceeded to call their parents and promise to never drive distracted or under the influence.

Thanks to Carlin High Combined School’s FCCLA Advisor Sara Anthony, Carlin High Combined School’s Principal Alexander, Elko County Sheriff Jim Pitts, Corner Canyon High School’s FCCLA Advisor Charri Jensen, Corner Canyon High School’s Principal Bailey, and everyone who made these events possible.

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