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It seems like everywhere you turn someone is telling you to “drink responsibly.” This summer (and every other season!) we’re here to help you understand what it actually means to drink responsibly and, if you choose to drink, how to know your limits.

Whether that’s by helping you learn how to host and attend summer shindigs responsibly, make arrangements for a safe ride home, or understand how alcohol affects your blood-alcohol concentration on an individual level, we’ve got the tips and tools to help make you a more responsible consumer.

Why are we so gung-ho about making sure folks know what it means to drink responsibly?

As it turns out, along with the celebrations of the summer months comes an increase in folks drinking irresponsibly. In fact, June and August were the two deadliest months on the road in 2013, according to NHTSA 2015 (latest available data). Further, drunk driving fatalities accounted for 43 percent of the traffic fatalities during the summer, and there were more high-BAC fatal traffic crashes during August than any other time of the year.

Let’s change that.

Enter: #SummerResponsibly

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That’s why we’re proud to announce our #SummerResponsibly campaign! Follow along as we serve-up responsible party-going and -hosting tips, information on how alcohol can affect you as an individual, and ways to help you understand and stick to your limits!

To get ahead of the game, explore our Virtual Bar, which can help you get a sense of how alcohol can affect you on an individual level, check our blog each week for party tips, hosting tips and more, and be sure to always take steps before, during and after drinking to make sure you’re being as responsible as possible.

What steps, you ask? These steps, we answer:

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And don’t forget to join the convo by using #SummerResponsibly!

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