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Enjoy Summer Concerts Responsibly

Summertime is one of the best times of year to enjoy live music at concerts or music festivals. Whether you’re hitting the road with friends or if your favorite acts are coming to your town, we want you to have fun while also being safe and responsible.

Enjoying your favorite music act live also presents the opportunity to socialize with friends and other concert goers. And oftentimes, alcohol is involved. If you plan to drink, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Know your limits. It can be tempting to have more than one drink with family and friends, BUT it’s also important to drink responsibly and to not go overboard. To help you out, download our Virtual Bar app to learn how what you eat and drink + the time you take to do so, affect BAC levels.
  2. Plan ahead and get a safe ride home!

Have a designated driver. For every trip you plan on taking this summer, have a designated driver. You can also assign different drivers during various parts of the trip. This way, everyone can relax, but can also share the responsibility of getting home safely.

Use ridesharing apps. Consider using these apps to get to and from concerts. Ridesharing ensures that you’re able to get to your destination safely and eliminates the risk of impaired driving.

  1. For the parents out there, consider having adult supervision while your teen is at a concert to ensure they’re not drinking underage.

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