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FCCLA@TheTable: Are You Ready to Add 10,000 on the 10th?

FCCLA@TheTable has been gaining momentum: Family, Career and Community Leaders of America has more than 26,000 meals pledged for this national campaign, which asks youth to take a pledge to plan, prepare and share healthy meals with their families.

But, they've got a ways to go to hit the ultimate goal of 70,000 pledged meals before the FCCLA National Leadership Conference this July in Washington, D.C.

So, we issue a big challenge to youth during FCCLA Week: On February 10. We want to add 10,000 new meal pledges!

The case for gathering around the dinner table is compelling: Family meals promote healthy lifestyles, strengthen family ties, and lessen the likelihood of youth engaging in negative behaviors, like drinking.

We have partnered with FCCLA, a national Career and Technical Student Organization, by underwriting an FCCLA@TheTable classroom poster and conversation starters – including the dangers of underage drinking -- for family dinners.

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