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Fighting DUI: Smokescreens vs. effective countermeasures

Emma Jacobs wrote an important article about a new law in Pennsylvania designed to crack down on repeat drunk driving offenses. Our take is that false positives, potential job loss, and embarrassment are the biggest defense attorney smokescreens known to man. Interlock technology is nearly flawless, GPS-enabled, video-enabled, and web-enabled.  Potential job loss should be a good enough reason for a person to drink in moderation or not at all.  The defense attorneys are the ones who should be embarrassed for using “embarrassment” to wiggle out of a penalty; if their client has made the terrible decision to drive drunk, putting innocent lives at risk, they should suffer the consequences.

We’ve been educating Judges and Prosecutors for years in a bold effort to stop drunk driving in its tracks. Tying an interlock device to alcohol assessment and treatment, if warranted, is the surest way to extend the positive results the device can have. We must all work together to rid our nation’s roads of drunk drivers. Period. 

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