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Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility supports Kentucky ignition interlock bill

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ( supports Kentucky House Bill 60, introduced by Representative Dennis Keene. If passed, HB 60 will require the use of ignition interlock devices (IIDs) for all convicted DUI offenders. Under the proposed legislation, individuals will also be able to apply for an interlock during the period of license suspension, allowing them to retain their driving privileges while simultaneously ensuring the safety of other motorists.

There is a substantial body of literature that confirms the effectiveness of interlocks in reducing DUI. Studies demonstrate that while the devices are installed, recidivism is reduced among both first and repeat DUI offender populations. In fact, more than 10 evaluations of interlock programs have reported reductions in recidivism ranging from 35-90% with an average reduction of 64%. This strong convergence of scientific evidence has led to substantial growth in interlock programs with a shift toward mandatory interlock laws for all DUI offenders. In passing HB 60, Kentucky would join 23 states (and four California counties) in embracing this evidence-based approach.

As part of a comprehensive solution to eliminate drunk driving, supports the mandatory and effective use of interlocks for all convicted DUI offenders which should include proper assessment and treatment, supervision, and verification of installation for all offenders ordered to install the device. An added benefit of HB 60 is that it ties interlock program participation to treatment. A person is not eligible for the issuance of an interlock license unless they have enrolled in and are actively participating in an alcohol or substance abuse education or treatment program.

“We believe HB 60, if passed, will greatly strengthen Kentucky’s interlock program and subsequently, prevent DUI fatalities and injuries on Kentucky roads,” said Ralph Blackman, President and CEO of “We are proud to back this legislation and to continue to work collaboratively with our partners to eliminate drunk driving nationwide.” applauds Representative Keene for his dedication to combating drunk driving and for championing the use of this effective countermeasure. We urge Kentucky legislators to vote yes on HB 60 and encourage others to lend their voices in support of this interlock legislation.

View a copy of our letter of support here.

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