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On April 2, 2014, we made the biggest announcement of our 23-year history – and it was a complete success! After our name changed from The Century Council to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, we were overwhelmed with kind words of support from our friends, fans and colleagues:

“The name change makes a very strong statement, congratulations!”

“I like the new name and wish you the best!”

“Your organization is in a position to be a trailblazer for leading the changes that our communities and country needs around responsible alcohol use.“

In addition to all of this positive feedback, we received some great questions, too. Our top frequently asked questions include :

  1. Why did you change your name? What else has changed?

    1. Every few years, we set aside some time for a strategic review process – this allows us the chance to carefully examine our mission and ambitions and identify adjustments that will make us even stronger and more effective. Our new name is just a small part of the exciting changes we are preparing for over the next five years. We have set into motion a plan to take more assertive steps to eliminate all forms of drunk driving, as well as underage drinking and its cultural acceptance. Relying on our 23+ year history, aims to lead the discovery and implementation of innovative solutions to effectively address drunk driving, underage drinking and binge drinking. 

  2. Why did you pick the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility?

    1. During our 2013 review, we discussed the fact that while our programs are well-known and well-respected, our organization’s name presented a challenge. We tested several name options with members of our target audiences, and people were most drawn to action words like advancing. Advancing alcohol responsibility is why we exist! Our new name makes it immediately clear what we do. And our new logo was developed to show the ongoing nature of conversations and reflect our commitment to digital communications. 

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