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Happy Hour Responsibly

We’re in the heart of summer, which means happy hours on rooftops, back patios, or anywhere the sun, friends, food and drinks meet.

The joys of going to happy hour with a group of your closest friends after work are pretty unrivaled: Refreshing drinks, laughs and good weather make for a great summer outing. If you’re consuming alcohol, sometimes those extra drinks can really sneak up on you if you aren’t being careful. Responsibility and planning ahead are key when it comes to drinking.

How do you take full advantage of the happy hour deals without having those drinks take full advantage of you? Here are some quick tips that should help:

  1. Stay hydrated and eat: Happy hour usually has just as many deals on appetizers as it does on drinks. You’ll probably be a little hungry after work anyway. Eat up, and make sure to stay hydrated with water, too!
  2. Use public transit: Maybe you’re working in an urban setting, or your friends want to meet up in the city because the best happy hour spots are downtown. Cool, use the subway. You won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot or paying to park. More importantly, it will get you to and from happy hour without driving drunk.
  3. Use Ride share apps: Use a ride sharing service. It offers the same benefits of public transportation and it might even be cheaper if you split the fare with friends.
  4. Pace Yourself: The bar isn’t going anywhere. Happy hour typically lasts about 2 hours. No need to rush down drinks or quickly order one after another. Relax, take your time and enjoy yourself. I promise your waiter will be back in time.
  5. Use the Virtual Bar: Before you head out, download the Virtual Bar app to learn your limits. Alcohol affects everyone differently, and this app is a great tool to learn how you may actually be feeling at different blood alcohol levels.

Use these simple tips when you’re out enjoying a nice evening or weekend happy hour. I guarantee you’ll have a great time while still being responsible!

Derrick Edwards joined the team as a Communications Associate in the Summer of 2016. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, with a focus in Advertising, from Towson University.

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