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Happy Mother's Day!

With Mother’s Day only a few short days away, we asked some of the moms here at to break down their parenting style into one word and then describe how that embodies their journey as a mother. We love the responses that they came up with just as much as we love having these strong women as part of our team.

BRANDY: Patience

Helping a baby become an adult and all the responsibilities they must learn and exhibit takes patience. At least in our house, change only really occurs with repetition (repeated mistakes, sentences, arguments, requests, actions) and my son can only really hear me when we are patient with each other – that’s a responsibility that also shows kindness and understanding and love.

MAUREEN: Empowerment

One part instilling confidence in them to be who they are and be it well, including the ability and willingness to take ownership for their attitudes, behaviors and actions, including the consequences of them. Two parts reminders and encouragement along life’s journey.

SENTA: Consistency

Pretty regularly, I remind my young men of the responsibility they have to themselves and others. Especially regarding smart decisions about alcohol and substance use!  We maintain our closeness with consistent check-ins and gentle reminders.  They remind me to take care of myself and I remind them to think ahead and plan for safe times out.  LOTS OF TEXTING! My guys are 23 and 25 and the life lessens continue, just in a different way.

ERIN: Persistence

Not only do I work hard every day to keep molding my two young people into good humans—despite any setbacks or roadblocks, but I also strive to teach my kids to keep moving forward no matter what. Modeling this “never give up” attitude requires vulnerability and honesty, which I try to bring to the table every day. The results are equal parts challenging and rewarding.

LESLIE: Loving

On the journey of parenting, love means allowing our kids to make (safe) mistakes in order to learn and grow. Love means teaching our kids the importance of family, friends, health, travel, diverse opinions, respect for others, respect for yourself, respect for our planet. Love means being responsible and being your best self, every day. Love means your heart is living outside of your chest in a state of constant vulnerability – swelling with pride, breaking with hurt, riding the roller coaster of childhood, adolescence, preparing them to be resilient adults. It’s the greatest responsibility and the greatest joy.  

Happy Mother’s Day! Now what word would YOU use?

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