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Have you noticed more parents talking about Halloween drinking?

With the trick-or-treating and costumes, Halloween is supposed to mainly be for the kids, right?

Well, this Yahoo! Parenting story notes it’s become a recent trend that parents are posting about Halloween drinking during the holiday, too – especially this year with it falling on a Friday.

The article titled, “For Some Parents, Halloween has become a Booze Bash,” discusses how some parents plan to consume alcohol during the kids’ forage for treats.

As Ralph Blackman, our President and CEO, mentioned in the story, “Kids are out after dark, often wearing costumes that hinder walking and eyesight, and are approaching the homes of strangers. The memes and gifs about drinking on Halloween might be worth a chuckle, but they certainly don’t depict responsible behavior and aren’t a practice we want our kids to emulate.”

Parents, have you noticed this adult, Halloween trend appearing in your social media feeds?

Here are two examples:

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