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Help your Kids make Healthy Choices with Ask,Listen,Learn

The responsibilities of a parent are seemingly endless. From the basics, like ensuring kids are fed and looked after when they’re little, to the more dynamic, like teaching them about underage drinking, peer pressure, and ultimately being responsible by their own volition, a parent’s job is never finished.

For many, those basics come easily, or at least with plentiful resources and guidebooks. On the other hand, teaching kids to make healthy choices, stand up for themselves, make good friends, and say no to underage drinking may require a more inventive approach, and often parents don’t know where to begin, or where to go when they hit a roadblock.

One of the goals of our Ask, Listen, Learn program is to provide parents with quality content to support them in having conversations with their kids about underage drinking, responsible decision making, and living a healthy lifestyle in general.

This April, as we celebrate Alcohol Responsibility Month, we invite you to watch our newest animation with your kids. In the video, our Ask, Listen, Learn characters are faced with some tough choices that many kids are presented with every day. Take this opportunity to expand the conversation. Ask your kids:

  • What do you know about your growing brain?
  • Did you know alcohol was a chemical?
  • Why do you think underage drinking is bad?

This is the type of conversation that should last a lifetime. Facts, conversation cheat sheets, and more tips are available here. To learn more about how alcohol affects the developing brain, check out our animation series.

Helen joined the team as Educational Programs Associate in the winter of 2016. In this role, she supports program efforts through research and building stakeholder participation particularly to reach teachers, parents and students.