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The Holiday Season Starts With Me!

The holiday season is here once again. Throughout the course of the year, we have had ups and downs and experienced good times and bad. This season, we wish to set our intentions to celebrate and observe with friends, family, and each other in the spirit of responsibility.

Joyfulness | Mindfulness | Safety | Togetherness

At, we believe that responsibility starts with each and every one of us, and during the holidays, that could not be more relevant. Responsibility means many things, and it can be different depending on who you are or where you are in the moment.

As lights go up and party planning begins, we celebrate joyfulness. Hosting parties and attending soirees are part of the spirit of the season. Be sure to include responsibility along with the joy. If you are hosting, be sure to serve food along with your cocktails and have plenty of zero-proof beverages available for those who choose not to drink, who are serving as designated drivers, or who are taking a night off from consuming alcohol. If you are planning to attend holiday gatherings, remember to eat something and alternate water or a nonalcohol beverage between cocktails.  

While purchasing and giving gifts, writing cards, and lighting candles, we celebrate mindfulness. The holiday season is often busy and can feel very overwhelming. Make an effort to be fully present and aware of where you are and what you are doing to avoid being reactive or overwhelmed. Practice patience and compassion with others and reach out to those in need, engage in conversations with your kids about values and expectations, and model responsible behaviors for them to guide them on their way. 

In planning our get togethers, visits, and time off, we celebrate safety. December is Impaired Driving Prevention Month. As we gather more easily this winter than in years past, we each have the ability to make responsible choices to keep ourselves—and others—safe. Be sure to plan for a safe ride home anytime you are out and about —and remember to look out for others, ensuring that they have a safe ride home, especially when alcohol is being consumed. Check out these messages from Attorneys General from across the United States bringing awareness to the importance of ending impaired driving.

As we go through the range of emotions that the holidays bestow upon us, we celebrate togetherness. Whether your circle is large or small, take some time to enjoy the community that the holiday brings. In feelings, in person, in acts of kindness, look forward to celebrating the holiday season and keep in mind these feelings and actions that will take you through this and many more holidays.  


And every day, as we take strides to eliminate underage drinking, prevent impaired driving, and make responsible choices about alcohol, we celebrate responsibility.   


It all starts with each one of us. We hope that you enjoy the holiday season and join us in practicing responsibility. We wish you and yours a wonderful, safe, happy, and healthy season of giving and reflection.