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This Holiday, Responsibility Starts With Me

At, we believe responsibility starts with each and every one of us.

This season of festivity means it's time to set intentions to celebrate with friends, family, and community in the spirit of responsibility.



As the lights go up and party planning begins, we celebrate tradition.

Many holiday traditions involve hosting gatherings, sharing meals, and attending soirees. Be sure to include responsibility along with the joy this togetherness brings. Always serve food along with your alcoholic beverages and be sure to have plenty of no-alcohol beverages available for those who choose not to drink. If you are planning to attend holiday gatherings, remember to eat something and alternate water or a no-alcohol beverage between cocktails.



During times of nonstop action, we celebrate reflection.

As the season progresses, it’s important to reflect on the year behind us and plan for what’s to come. Whether you are reminiscing about a favorite moment, reflecting on your relationships (including your relationship with alcohol), or setting intentions for the coming days, weeks, and years, these moments shape our momentum as we move forward.



In planning our get togethers, visits, and time off, we celebrate safety.

December is Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Be sure to plan for a safe ride home for yourself and never drive drunk or impaired. Be mindful of others, ensuring that they have a safe ride home, too. Check out these messages from state Attorneys General bringing awareness to the importance of ending drunk and impaired driving.



As we go through the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we celebrate presence.

Whether your circle is large or small, take some time to enjoy your community and surroundings. The true essence of the holiday season lies in being present. Whether you’re spending time with friends, family, neighbors, or taking time for yourself, make the most of these moments.

And remember, as we take strides to eliminate underage drinking, prevent impaired driving, and make responsible choices about alcohol, we celebrate responsibility.


–Happy Holidays from The Team ⛄☃️

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