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How much will it take your university to fight high risk drinking?

LessThanUThink, a campaign combating the national problem of high risk drinking on college campuses, has always been strongly received by the students at The University of Alabama. But during the past year LTUT took on a new challenge: going nationwide!

During the spring of 2012, students at UA successfully brought Shaq to UA to film a PSA on behalf of LTUT . The PSA’s success brought with it heightened attention to the campaign, and the PSA was shown during the first quarter of the BCS National Championship game, as well as during the SEC women’s and men’s basketball tournaments. The PSA also earned the campaign nationwide press attention which in turn led to the LTUT beyond the borders of Alabama and into California.

In the fall of 2012, Santiago Canyon College in California became the first University outside of Alabama to host the LessThanYouThink campaign on its campus, and the results are starting to show. Post campaign research shows a 37.1% increase in familiarity with the campaign. Focus groups also showed that more students are familiar with the true definition of high risk drinking.

This spring semester, Santa Ana College has reaped the benefits of LTUT. Students at UA hold weekly conference calls with the contacts in Orange County, create designs and run social media for these schools across the country.

This opportunity to export the LessThanYouThink campaign to campus outside Alabama has given us,  the students,  the ability to be part of a bigger message. It also hones our skills in preparation for life after college.  The student generated content allows LTUT to ignite the conversation regarding college binge drinking regardless of geographical locations.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and the students at the University of Alabama have been doing their part in raising awareness about high risk drinking on campus! Will your university #JoinTheConvo ?

Christi Rich, Director of Media Relations for Capstone Agency.

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