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How to never send another drunk text

Wait, I said what?

Drunk dialing is not a new phenomenon. As The Wall Street Journal so eloquently put it this week, “Humans have almost certainly been making drunken phone calls since not long after Alexander Graham Bell placed the first call in 1876. Mobile phones made such mishaps easier.”

With the help of smartphones, pressing send on a drunk call, text, email or post has never been easier. According to a 2007 study of Midwestern college students, 79 percent of undergraduates surveyed have sent or received a drunk dial.

Citing that study, The Wall Street Journal article highlighted some new apps designed to stop “drunk you” from sending a regrettable text or submitting an unfortunate post for the entire social media world to see. One app, Drunk Text Savior, analyzes a potential message for typos and explicit language, while another, Drunk Mode, requires the user to solve a complicated math problem before making calls or sending texts.

Neither of these apps blocks access to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Only one device did so - an attachable breathalyzer called iDrunk that blocks social media posts if your BAC is above a certain limit. Ironically, iDrunk’s creator “hated it.”

When it gets down to it, these apps only work if you use them. We’ve got a better idea that works every time – knowing your own, individual limits and staying within them.

How? Our Virtual Bar.

Since everybody is different, try out our Virtual Bar to see how alcohol and other factors can affect your individual BAC. First, input your age, weight, height and gender. Then test how much your BAC would change if you ate a high-calorie dinner or drank at varying speeds.

A night out with friends should be fun, not something you regret the next morning (or worse). So before you take that first sip, know your limits. It’s the only sure-fire way to ensure you don’t send that “take me back” text to your ex. (#embarrassing…)

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