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IKnowEverything traveled to the West Coast!

This past week we traveled to the West Coast! We had our first IKnowEverything events in California and Wyoming. We started off the week at Upton High School in Upton, Wyoming. Upton High School is a small school, but the students have a lot of enthusiasm! Sundance High School also joined us for the challenge at Upton High School. We had a lot of smart and safe drivers in the audience. We learned that 88% of the Upton High School and Sundance High School students at the event correctly identified all types of distracted driving in one of our questions.

At the end of the week we joined Sun Valley High School for IKnowEverything and it was certainly a sunny one! Sun Valley High School is located in the Los Angeles area. Sun Valley High School’s EduCare Foundation Site Coordinator, Ulysses Urquizo, helped set up the challenge and organize the program. The Sun Valley High School students view Mr. Urquizo as a role model because he organizes all of the school programs. The students were all talking about the challenge when Mr. Urquizo announced that Sun Valley High School would be hosting IKnowEverything.

Since May is Global Youth Traffic Safety Month, the students were excited to learn about driver safety and test their knowledge. This is a great time to focus on the importance of teen driver safety and how to avoid traffic related crashes. IKnowEverything empowered the Upton High School and Sun Valley High School students to become more involved in teen driver safety education projects. A number of the students left the challenge promising to become safer drivers and pay attention on the road. We were happy to reach the students with our message!

Thanks to Upton High School’s FCCLA Advisor Deanne Gould, Upton High School’s Principal Peter Wilson, Sun Valley High School’s EduCare Foundation Site Coordinator Ulysses Urquizo, Sun Valley High School’s Principal Clara Herran, and everyone who made these events possible!

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