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It starts with "Hello"

Summer’s almost here! The sun will start setting later, the days will last longer and life will (finally!) slow down a little. For families, summer means more time spent together. And as a result, parents will have even more opportunities to talk to their kids. One topic that might come up naturally – or that you might want to start this summer – is talking to them about alcohol.

Studies show parents are the biggest influence in their kid’s decision to drink or not drink alcohol. However, for parents and kids alike, beginning a conversation about alcohol can be awkward. Or scary. Or something that can easily be pushed to tomorrow. But like any other discussion, this one can start with a simple “hi”, “hello” or “how’s it going?”

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility created this video to help parents begin or continue a lifetime of conversations with their kids about alcohol responsibility. Talking with your kids about alcohol early and often is the best way to keep them safe and the Foundation has tools and resources to help. Visit, follow @goFAAR and begin the conversation today.


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