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Join the #LATISM #EndImpairedDriving Twitter Chat on April 21 at 9 pm EST!

Responsible driving saves lives. What you do when you get behind the wheel impacts your safety, those you love and the community at large. Let’s help our community to drive safely and with no regrets.

Unfortunately, impaired driving is more common than you think. Impaired driving is caused when you drive drunk, distracted, drowsy, and/or drugged. Impaired driving related car crashes are a leading cause of death in the Latino community. Just in 2013, there were 2,148 Hispanic drivers killed in motor vehicle crashes. In fact, more than 1 in 3 Hispanic driver fatalities involve a drunk driver.

Hispanic Drunk Driver Fatalities - 1 in 3 drunk driver fatalities

There is likely an education and awareness gap on how to avoid impaired driving because Hispanics tend to have responsible driving attitudes and beliefs. For example, close to 82% perceive that driving after drinking alcohol is a serious personal safety threat.

Hispanic Perception of Driving Behaviors that are a Threat


Please help us to close the education and awareness gap around impaired driving.


Join us, and, a national not-for-profit, for an important conversation to end impaired driving. has a history of creating culturally inclusive campaigns to reach diverse communities including Hispanics on preventing drunk driving. We are excited to be part of the launch of their Spanish language PSA campaign to reach even more Latinos. Please watch and share the PSAs below:

Watch the English Language Version Here:

Watch the Spanish-Language Version Here:


You are invited to join us on Twitter to get the conversation started and spread this important message.

Here’s the chat info:

When: Thursday, April 21 at 9 pm EST

How: Use the following hashtags to follow the conversation.

English: #EndImpairedDriving

Spanish: #ManejaResponsable


Guests: @goFAAR and @JeannetteKaplun 

Organizations supporting the campaign:

Influencers joining the campaign:

Don’t miss this important conversation for you and your loved ones! We will be sharing resources and information to help you start the conversation with others, including kids and teens, about underage drinking, and impaired driving (drunk, drugged, distracted, and/or drowsy).

Let’s drive safely and with no regrets! Help us #EndImpairedDriving!