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Join our webinar next week on college binge drinking

Reducing college binge drinking is a difficult task that must involve everyone in the community — from college administrators and campus police to local municipalities. Our work on preventing college binge drinking is made possible through partnerships with many outstanding, hardworking organizations involved in every facet of a student’s life. But some of the most important groups we work with are comprised of the students themselves.

Since 2009, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility has been working with students from universities all over the country to reduce college binge drinking on their campuses. Many of these groups have gone on to receive national attention for their outstanding efforts, and have affected real change within their communities. You can read more about these campaigns here.

Next Tuesday, you get a chance to hear from these groups on how they’re changing their communities for the better. We’re joining BACCHUS Network to sponsor a webinar focused on how different groups are fighting college binge drinking. These groups have been fighting high-risk drinking at Eastern Michigan University, Orange County, CA, and the University of Alabama.

If you’re a college administrator, in law enforcement or even a concerned parent, this is a webinar you won’t want to miss. Learn more and register for the webinar today.

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