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I’m a 150 lb, 35 year-old woman who is 5’7” and had a glass of wine with dinner at a friend’s house before driving home.

I’m a 210 lb, 50 year-old man who is 6’0” and had a few beers after work with colleagues before driving home for dinner with the family.

I’m a 120 lb, 21 year-old woman in college who is 5’3” and had 3 drinks from the punch bowl at an off campus party with snacks before I drove a few friends home.

Who’s too impaired to drive? How has the food, or lack of food, they had affected their alcohol consumption? What about their age and weight?

Do you know how alcohol consumption affects you?

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ( has the first and only-of-its-kind blood alcohol educator, B4Udrink. B4Udrink gives people the ability to virtually explore different scenarios regarding level of alcohol consumption, discover their limits and plan accordingly. This information empowers individuals to make educated, responsible decisions when going out socially.

Using the latest algorithm, this Virtual Bar allows users to estimate their individual BAC level based on gender, height, weight, age, and the type and number of drinks consumed, as well as the time until their BAC returns to zero. As the user’s simulated consumption progresses and their BAC increases, the Virtual Bar interface provides descriptions of how alcohol might affect them, providing the user with more information about their BAC throughout the drinking occasion.

The B4UDrink Virtual Bar also illustrates the effect food can have on an individual’s BAC, including how a meal high in fat has little effect on one’s BAC yet a meal high in carbohydrates or protein may decrease an individual’s BAC level.

You can access B4Udrink online and on your mobile device wherever you are and whenever you are drinking alcohol. advises you to use it before you go out so you can plan your night accordingly and designate a driver when you need to. It’s important to know how alcohol is affecting you, and whether you should be driving or not so you can be sure you don’t drive drunk.

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