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KY Attorney General Jack Conway spoke with high-schoolers about safe driving today

My children are in elementary school but I am teaching them to drive. Every day as they ride with me I try to model good driving behaviors because being a role model for them is really important at their age. We talk about other drivers’ bad decisions and why it’s important to obey the rules of the road.

One day they will be old enough to get behind the wheel and start learning to drive. It’s a parent’s job to be sure they understand the many skills they must possess in order to drive safely. I was proud to participate in the I Know Everything Program today at Jeffersontown High School with the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility and the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety. This dynamic program helps high school students test their own knowledge of safe driving skills. I am proud to say that 83.51% of Jeffersontown High School’s students were able to identify unsafe driving behaviors.

Parents, it’s National Teen Driver Safety Week. Remember that it’s our job to have ongoing conversations about safe driving. We need to model good behavior for our kids. That means no texting or reading emails while driving, no cell phones while driving, wear your seat belt, obey traffic laws, pay attention, and anticipate other driver’s actions.

We need to teach them how to stand up to peer pressure and to make safe choices like not drinking alcohol and driving. Go to www.iknoweverything .com for great resources on how to have that conversation again and again over the years.  

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