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Ask, Listen, Learn partners with Classroom Champions to help kids say NO to underage drinking.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ( is proud to announce a partnership with Classroom Champions for this upcoming 2014-2015 school year. hopes to further their commitment to educating and facilitating conversations about the dangers of underage drinking between not only parents and kids, but also continuing that conversation into the classroom between educators and students.

Classroom Champions, founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Mesler and Leigh Mesler Parise, PhD, connects top performing athletes with students in high-need schools using video lessons and live video chat to motivate students to recognize their potential, set goals and dream big, while educating them in the practical use of communications technology. This mentorship program offers students a chance to follow positive role models, just like the Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix superstars such as Two-time National Champion and Olympic Medalist figure skater Ashley Wagner or Aly Raisman, the most decorated 2012 Olympic Gymnast.

Ask, Listen, Learn, a program of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, is the most accomplished and wide-reaching of its kind. The program has reached more than 20 million parents, kids and teachers in all 50 states about the importance of “saying “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking.” Since 2004, annual alcohol consumption has declined 40% and over the past 10 years, 62% more kids reported talking with their parents about underage drinking.

In hopes to further this partnership, has also sponsored a local Washington, DC school, Imagine Hope Charter School, to be a part of the Classroom Champions program.

“The reason we partner with organizations like Classroom Champions is because we believe in programs that have a direct, substantive impact on communities.” said President & CEO Ralph Blackman. “We are committed to facilitating a lifetime of conversations about alcohol responsibility. Families should start the conversation, but Classroom Champions will give educators the tools to continue it.”

Classroom Champions, a program unique in method and ability to unite a school community, focuses on goal setting, steps to success, leadership, healthy living, and perseverance. These points coincide with Ask, Listen, Learn’s mission to embolden kids to not drink underage and instead focus on setting goals and dreaming big. The evaluation from participating teachers show 100% improved student goal setting skills, 95% improved student engagement and 87% of students say it “helps me do better in school.”

“’s support of Classroom Champions across the U.S. will equip teachers to have quality conversations around the dangers of underage drinking with thousands of students to enhance their health and wellbeing,” said Classroom Champions President and CEO, Steve Mesler. “This commitment to Classroom Champions demonstrates’s commitment to unique and impactful programming that aims to help change student behavior in positive ways in schools that need the most support.”

As partners, and Classroom Champions will create lesson plans and activities that include facts and exercises to help kids combat peer pressure and be confident in their decisions to not drink while their bodies and brains are still developing.

About Ask, Listen, Learn

Ask, Listen, Learn is the most widely distributed alcohol education program of its kind. Ask, Listen, Learn’s initiatives include, a website that encourages kids to “say ‘YES’ to a healthy lifestyle and ‘NO’ to underage drinking” by offering kids interactive and educational games and videos. Kids can read about positive role models and take a pledge to make healthy choices. Parents and educators are also encouraged to visit the site for tips on how to facilitate these conversations on how to talk with kids about underage drinking. Ask, Listen, Learn is also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest constantly promoting a healthy lifestyle message.

About the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, formerly known as The Century Council, is a national not-for-profit leader in the fight against drunk driving and underage drinking.  Developed alongside a team of educators and psychologists specializing in middle school-aged students, Ask, Listen, Learn continues’s longstanding commitment to America youth, and provides kids with the necessary tools to make healthy lifestyle choices while also teaching them about the dangers of underage drinking. 

About Classroom Champions

Classroom Champions connects top performing athletes and professionals with students in high-need schools. A holistic, relationship-based approach to improving student outcomes, Classroom Champions uses video lessons, live video chats, teacher professional development, and family engagement to motivate students to recognize their potential, set goals and dream big.



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