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“No ID? No Excuses.”

Spirits retailers have heard it all before.

“I only have my student ID.”

“I left it in my other jeans.”

“I only have a picture of my ID on my phone.”

“You know me – I’m here all the time!”

NYSLA material_girl license on phone

Those excuses won’t fly, especially this prom and graduation season. On May 3, we partnered with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA) to launch a new, state-wide campaign to send the firm message that underage drinking will not be tolerated in New York.

The campaign, called “No Excuses,” includes 15,000 display materials, in Spanish and English, which our wholesale partners distributed to liquor licensees throughout the state.

We kicked off the campaign with launch events at spirits retail stores in Albany, New York City, Rochester and Buffalo. Each launch event included remarks from president and CEO Ralph Blackman, Vincent G. Bradley or David Edmunds from the NYSLA and local officials and law enforcement officers, who continually face the challenges of combating underage drinking.

Members from all three tiers of the alcohol industry united for the “No Excuses” effort (producers, distributors and retailers). is funded by the country’s leading distillers, and wholesale partners include Southern Wine & Spirits and Empire Merchants. The following retail associations are also involved with the campaign:

The new campaign garnered media coverage in each of the launch cities, and we hope the media attention will remind all liquor licensees all over the country that underage drinking is dangerous and illegal. Here is some notable media coverage:

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The reaction on social media has also been great. Here are some posts from campaign partners, like Governor Cuomo and the NYSLA, as well as reporters and media outlets.

This campaign is also a message to parents. Parents are the leading influence on their teen’s decision to drink – or not to drink – alcohol, and year after year, family and friends continue to be a leading source of alcohol for today’s youth. We hope the “No Excuses” campaign provides parents in New York and all over the country with an opportunity to start the conversation with their teens and let them know underage drinking is dangerous and will not be tolerated.