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North Dakota colleges involve students in plan to curb binge drinking

College binge drinking has long been an issue on university campuses all over the US. At The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility we recognize this national issue’s importance, and how it affects our nation’s young adults. For more than 18 years, we’ve been supporting colleges in their efforts to reduce and ultimately eliminate high-risk drinking incidents on and off campus.

We believe in a comprehensive approach allowing all the stakeholders to be involved in changing the campus’ culture. Most importantly, we believe that students should definitely be part of the solution, as they have greater insights on what messages work and which initiatives fall flat with their peers.

That’s why we would like to applaud the efforts of colleges in North Dakota that are implementing initiatives to combat binge drinking and track this dangerous behavior among their student populations. We also wanted to highlight their “Social Norming” strategy, which aims at changing the campus culture so that non-drinking students or moderate drinkers become the “norm.”  This approach also involves students who help educate their peers on several wellness issues, key amongst them is high-risk drinking.

This initiative represents great progress. It’s not often that colleges acknowledge binge drinking is an issue on their campuses. Hopefully the universities in North Dakota will serve as an example for other colleges to take action against high-risk drinking and include their students in the efforts to curb excessive drinking on campuses.

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