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Parental influence extends even after high school

Studies continue to show that parent-led conversations with their kids about alcohol are effective in reducing underage drinking, no matter how old their kids are. 

The recent study, Evaluation of Timing and Dosage of a Parent-Based Intervention to Minimize College Students’ Alcohol Consumption, published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs demonstrated the value of parent conversations as both a prevention and intervention tool for rising first-year college students, especially among those students who already had established a pattern of heavy drinking and with the use of the parent-based intervention were less likely to continue to drink heavily relative to other drinking patterns. 

As we kick-off Alcohol Awareness Month, Parents, please check-out “Parents, You’re Not Done Yet”, learn more about the difference between low- and high-risk drinking, and talk to your kids today.  For more information, #JoinTheConvo.