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We know starting the conversation about the dangers of underage drinking early and often is key. We also understand that middle school is a complicated time, so we’re here to conquer the years of braces and acne with you.

Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix is the most widely distributed, long-standing program of its kind, empowering kids to say YES to a healthy lifestyle and say NO to underage drinking. This helps kids realize the importance of goal setting, and the benefits of being knowledgeable on the effects of what they put in their growing body.

Developed alongside a team of educators, researchers, practitioners, and like-minded community-based partners, the initiative provides parents and educators the resources necessary to shape youth into smart decision-makers.

In November 2017, we conducted a study of parents of children 10-17 and found out that most talk to their kids about alcohol consumption, but they may not be sharing important information about WHY underage drinking is harmful. Our new infographic and report will give you a good view of why parents may hesitate before talking to their kids, and why they should all be comfortable with having conversations about underage drinking early and often.

Educational Resources

Ask, Listen, Learn recently launched a new set of digital resources to give educators and parents the tools to have powerful, factual conversations inside and outside of the classroom. The seven-part animation series details each what each part of the brain does, how alcohol affects it, and how that in turn affects you. The science-based resources have been evaluated by experts and reviewed by partners.


Reaching kids where they are: 

We partner with like-minded, community-based organizations, like Classroom Champions and American School Counselors Association (ASCA), because of our shared commitment to making a real difference in a kid’s decisions to be healthy.

We know it works!

We’ve expanded in all platforms of education and prevention practice, and we’ve monitored and recorded the results. For the past 10 years, we’ve grown the program to all 50 states and Washington, DC, reaching over 20 million parents, kids, and teachers through our interactive game, educational mobile app, and comprehensive free materials.

Here are the facts from our Teenage Research Unlimited (TRU) independent evaluation of the program. Overwhelmingly parents and kids responded that the program encouraged them to talk about underage drinking and provided them with information they needed to understand more about the consequences of underage drinking.

Highlights from Youth Evaluation:
  • 84% of kids said the Ask, Listen, Learn brochure helped facilitate a conversation about alcohol.
  • 92% said mom is their number one source of information about alcohol.
Highlights from Parent Evaluation:
  • 70% of parents and half of kids said they discussed alcohol after receiving Ask, Listen, Learn survey.
  • 92% said the Ask, Listen, Learn brochure helped facilitate a conversation about alcohol.

We’ve also collaborated with Scholastic to bring over 25,000 classrooms each year the facts about underage drinking.

Both teachers and students found it not only helpful to starting a discussion about tough topics, but extremely informational:

  • 70% of students were aware that alcohol impacts every organ in the body, an increase of 24% prior to using Scholastic Ask, Listen, Learn materials.
  • 88% of teachers feel their students are a lot more aware of the dangers of underage drinking since engaging with Reach for Success materials.
  • Over 90% of teachers found that this program has inspired further conversations about underage drinking.

En Español:  Haga clic para descargar el folleto Pregunte Escuche Aprenda ¡Los niños y el alcohol no mezclan!

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For more information on Ask, Listen, Learn program materials and resources, please contact [email protected] or at 202-637-0077.

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