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Think Responsibly

You’re at happy hour with your co-workers, but you didn’t have time for lunch and are already feeling the effects of your first drink. Your co-worker suggests another round. What do you do?

You’re at brunch with a few friends and it’s time to order. There’s an option for bottomless drinks. You have plans later in the afternoon that you can’t miss. What do you order?

It’s your friend’s birthday and she’s laughing hysterically and spilling drinks at the bar. Another friend offers to buy another round. Being a trusted friend, what do you do?

You’re at your office holiday party and you know it’s a great opportunity to build relationships with people who are important for your career. What’s your plan for the night?

You’re going to a football game and your friend wants to tailgate beforehand. You want to enjoy yourself but you’re also concerned about getting back home after the game lets out. How do you navigate this situation?

You’re on vacation with your friends and decided to hit the town to explore the local scene. After going bar hopping for several hours, your friends are ready to go home. What do you do?

You and your friends are planning to visit several distilleries. It’s going to be a long day. What’s your plan to keep from over-doing it?

Your best friend is getting married and you’ve been asked to give a toast. There is also an open bar. What do you do to make sure you don’t drink too much before giving the speech?

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