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Quit Playin' Games with My Responsibility...

Last night in sunny Florida Back Street Boy Nick Carter found himself under the bright lights of police cruisers as a bar scuffle ended with him behind bars. Nick who has been honest about his alcohol and substance abuse issues seemed to be on the right track with a new album and tour scheduled.  Details are still developing, but it's just another classic reminder of how misuse of alcohol can really derail plans and a future. Nick is poised to have an incredibly strong 2016 after his stellar performance on “Dancing With The Stars” last season.

It's always best to enjoy a beverage responsibly and not be shown the meaning of being lonely in a prison cell. 

I'd way rather people see my glam shot album cover than a super rad mug shot.

Album Cover

Note: The exact circumstances surrounding Mr. Carter’s arrest are unknown.

Tommy McFly is a Washington, DC radio personality on 94.7 Fresh FM and hosts "The Tommy Show."

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