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Ralph Blackman on KLZ 560’s “Rush to Reason”

We’re in the midst of prom and graduation season, and Memorial Day and summer are right around the corner. During the celebrations and fun times ahead, parents may be tempted to turn a blind eye and let their teens partake in underage drinking. On Tuesday, our president and CEO Ralph Blackman joined KLZ 560’s talk radio show “Rush to Reason” to discuss underage drinking and arm parents with the facts to help them in the fight to keep their teens safe this summer.

Hear the entire interview below (it starts around the 10-minute mark).

Here are some of the key facts Ralph gave parents:

Fact #1: Teens Are Not Safer Drinking At Home.

An analysis conducted by the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, found one of the most worrisome things a parent can do is ­provide alcohol to their teens.

Fact #2: Teens Listen When Parents Talk.

National data reveals parents are the leading influence on a child’s decision to drink – or not to drink – alcohol.

Fact #3: Letting Your Kid Sip Your Drink Will Not Turn Them Off.

Research shows people who had taken their first drink before age 15 were seven times more likely to experience alcohol problems than those who didn’t start drinking before age 21.

 Fact #4: Not All Kids Are Drinking.

Federal data reveals alcohol consumption among 12-to 20-year-olds hit a record low in 2014. We must stop supporting this notion that the kids are doing it anyway.

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Ralph also hit home the importance of having conversations about alcohol with your kids long before they’re ever faced with the opportunity to drink and having a plan to say no when they do get in a sticky situation.

If parents truly want to ‘teach’ their teens how to drink responsibly, they can do that by always modeling responsible drinking behavior in front of them, NOT by attempting to ‘supervise’ their teen drinking alcohol.

Thanks to KLZ 560’s Dan Meurer for having us! And parents, they may be graduating, but you’re not done yet. Check out our materials on talking to your college-bound teens about drinking in college.

Georgia joined our communications team in the summer of 2015 in her role as a media associate. She cultivates relationships with journalists in an effort to elevate our organization’s key issues on a local and national level, and plays a critical support role in all of our communication efforts. Also, she will never turn down a home-cooked southern meal.

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