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Read this before you Metro

Over the last few days the Washington, DC, media has been awash with video coverage of people who are “too drunk to take the Metro.” The videos show, without a doubt, a number of people who are clearly and DANGEROUSLY intoxicated. You can find videos like this all over the internet. Making matters worse, in my opinion, is the Metro spokesman and news anchors who then offer guidance that public transportation should not be an option for those who have over-consumed. Public transportation is typically a reliable plan for a safe ride home in a metropolitan area like Washington, DC; suggesting otherwise is unfortunate and misguided.

Yet not a single news outlet has gotten to the root of the matter which is the danger of becoming too intoxicated in the first place. Further, none have offered any guidance in an effort to avoid the life threatening situations they portray in the dramatic videos they play for viewers.

Our Blood Alcohol Educator can help people learn about the impact of their consumption and how their drinking equates to their individual BAC. Also, Washington’s bars and restaurants know the importance of responsible sales and service and train their staff accordingly.  If you’re serving at home, the host must understand the importance of a responsible person tending the bar, having food on hand and monitoring the consumption of your guests. They’ll have a better time – really – and survive the night to come over for a good time again in the future.

Plan your trip home from the night out as thoroughly as you planned going out in the first place. The Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP) offers taxi rides home on holidays like New Year’s Eve. Take advantage of it. It’s safe and free. If you’re designating a driver make sure they don’t drink.

Finally, no matter how you’re getting home designate a friend. In the car, on the metro or in a cab. Good friends are at the heart of every good night out.

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