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This year, the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility is pleased to honor 19 state legislators with our Leadership Award for their continued dedication to the prevention of drunk driving. Some legislators introduced bills that will make roads in their states safer, while others championed treatment programs and initiatives to prevent alcohol-related fatalities and underage drinking.


This year’s recipients are:

  • Representative Rick Gray (R-AZ, District 21)
  • Senator Eric D. Coleman (D-CT, District 2)
  • Representative Gerald Fox (D-CT, District 146)
  • Representative Helene M. Keeley (D-DE, District 3)
  • Senator Patricia M. Blevins (D-DE, District 7)
  • Representative Sharon Cooper (R-GA, District 43)
  • Representative Richard Wills (R-ID, District 23A)
  • Senator Sharon Weston Broome (D-LA, District 15)
  • Senator Brian E. Frosh (D-MD, District 16)
  • Delegate Geraldine Valentino-Smith (D-MD, District 23A)
  • Delegate Jon S. Cardin (D-MD, District 11)
  • Delegate Sam Arora (D-MD, District 19)
  • Representative Timothy I. Marks (D-ME, District 53)
  • Representative Margaret Doherty (D-OR, District 35)
  • Senator Larry J. Lucas (D-SD, District 26)
  • Representative Gerald McCormick (R-TN, District 26)
  • Senator Mark S. Norris (R-TN, District 32)
  • Senator Thomas K. Norment (R-VA, District 3)
  • Representative Keith Gingery (R-WY, District 23)

We applaud these 19 legislators for drawing attention to critical safety issues in their states and doing everything in their power to bring about change.

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