Stay up to date with shares new research and resources for Global Youth Traffic Safety Month Outreach

It’s Global Youth Traffic Safety Month! We are excited to share resources for your outreach during May.

A NEW key resource we have this year is a supplement in the May issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health, sponsored by, with new studies on teen driver safety. The supplement includes a letter of welcome from former U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, followed by 8 articles on topics related to teen driver safety, including distracted driving, social norms and passengers. The supplement is available online, free-of-charge, until July 17th at

We will also be providing outreach through our IKnowEverything program this month. IKnowEverything highlights the issues of drinking alcohol underage and then driving as well as distracted driving, and reiterates that parents have the greatest influence on their teen’s driving behaviors. The program also reinforces that teens already “know everything” about how to be a safe driver and covers critical topics including drinking alcohol underage and driving, late night driving, speeding, number of passengers, and license restrictions. These are highlighted in an engaging, fast-paced video you can download and use with your programs and share on social media.

This year, we have taken IKnowEverything to high schools across the country through a partnership with the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). So far in 2014, we have been to 15 high schools with the IKnowEverything Challenge – an interactive game show event where students use handheld devices to answer questions about safe driving practices. The students’ answers are collected anonymously and will be part of a nationwide survey of teen drivers on gaps in safe driving knowledge. The survey results will help experts and practitioners develop effective programs and policies for new teen drivers. Check out our blog to find out more about our events!

Social media is a powerful outreach tool with teens and parents alike. With IKnowEverything, we have an infographic and “tweet sheet” with key statistics about teen driver safety, sample tweets, Facebook posts and Pinterest pins you can use to target posts to parents and teens throughout the month and beyond. IKnowEverything is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and of course, on the blog! Please retweet and post about our resources and information. Let us know what outreach efforts you are doing on teen driver safety so we can feature your efforts, too!


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