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Whit Honea, Dads4Change

Read Whit's 2016 #TalkEarly blogs:

Talking About Alcohol Is a Parent’s Responsibility(.org)

Responsibility vs. Mullet: A True Story

Birthdays, Underage Drinking and the Gifts We Need Speak Of

Cultivating Conversations with Children: Repeat and Repeat

Read Whit's 2017 #TalkEarly blogs:

Connection Comes First (Then Do Whatever You Want)

Super Peer Doesn’t Wear a Cape

Have You Had the Alcohol Talk?

Friendship is a Dish Best Served However You Want

Thanksgiving Traditions and a Sip of Confusion

The Drunk on the Shelf: Drinking and Holidays


Casey Brown, Life with Roozle

Read Casey's 2015 #TalkEarly blogs:

Talking with My 6-Year old About Alcohol Responsibility

Say What You Mean

I Don’t Always Want To Live in the Moment

Read Casey's 2016 #TalkEarly blogs:

Shared Custody Is Awful, Shared Custody Is Fine

More About Why Than What

Yes, I Drink Alcohol and Yes, I Sometimes Drink In Front Of My Kid 

Double Jeopardy Applies Even When You’re 7


Laura Fuentes, MOMables

Read Laura's 2016 #TalkEarly blogs:

Responsibility Starts With Me

After School Minivan Conversations


Christine KohBoston Mamas

Read Christine's 2015 #TalkEarly blogs:

Alcohol Consumption & Social Media: What Message Are You Sending to Your Kids?

Will You Join Me and #RefreshYourFunny This Month?

Lessons Learned: Why Kids Can Benefit From Your Bad Days

Read Christine's 2016 #TalkEarly blogs:

Communication is Everything (and Also Sometimes the Hardest Thing)

The Lifelong Journey of Responsibility (Including Epic Throwback Photos)

Things I Don’t Hide From My Kids (Even When It’s Super Awkward)

3 Key Ways To Get Your Kids Talking

Creative Ways To Get Kids Talking


Anna LutherMy Life and Kids

Read Anna's 2015 #TalkEarly blogs:

How and WHEN to Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol

13 Hilariously Funny eCards

7 Simple Ways to Be a Better Mom

Read Anna's 2016 #TalkEarly blogs:

Creating Balance for Your Family

Responsibility Starts With Me

Do You Drink In Front of Your Kids?

Simon Goes to Kindergarten! 


Jen MannPeople I Want to Punch in the Throat

Read Jen's 2015 #TalkEarly blogs:

Figuring out Why I Drink

My Funny Bone Probably Needs Some Fixing

Read Jen's 2016 #TalkEarly blogs:

This Year I Resolve to Be More Responsible

Responsibility Starts With Us

Tips for Getting Your Kids to Talk About the Little Things (So They’ll Talk About the Big Things)


Juliana W. MinerRants from Mommyland

Read Julie's 2015 #TalkEarly blogs:

What I Learned About Stress, Mommy’s “Me Time” & Talking to My Kids

It’s Time to Refresh my Funny

Being a Condition Setter

Read Julie's 2016 #TalkEarly blogs:

New Year to Talk Early & Talk Often

When I Was 18…

Do you drink in front of your kids?

Talking with Offspring


Jessica Shyba, Momma's Gone City

Read Jessica's 2015 #TalkEarly blogs:

Living Mindfully

Changing the Tune

Setting the Conditions

Read Jessica's 2016 #TalkEarly blogs:

The Best of Us

Lifestyle and Lessons

Growing With Them


Leticia Barr, Tech Savvy Mama

Read Leticia's 2014 #TalkEarly blogs:

What Does Your Online Presence Say to Your Kids? Maybe it’s Time to #RefreshYourFunny

The Importance of Listening to Create Lifetime of Conversations

Seizing Teachable Moments to Talk About Underage Drinking {sponsored}

Why It’s Important to #TalkEarly When a 9 Year Old Asks for a Beer {sponsored}

Hyper Honest or Just Honest? How Do You #TalkEarly With Your Kids?


Stacey Ferguson, Justice Fergie

Read Stacey's 2014 #TalkEarly blogs:

a revelation about my ‘telephone voice’ and why you may need to #refreshyourfunny

parenting is easier when it's all about absolutes

my parenting words to live by and an intro to the #talkearly initiative

it takes two to make a thing go right: strategies for ‘talking alcohol’ w. your tween #talkearly

#talkearly series: when is sharing the truth about your past w. your kids tmi?


Meagan Francis, The Happiest Home

Read Meagan's 2014 #TalkEarly blogs:

Start the conversation today.

#TalkEarly: How do you talk to your kids about alchohol responsiblity?

Talking to kids about alcohol: It's hard, but worth it.

#TalkEarly: the difference between kids & teens

#TalkEarly: raising kids to be leaders


Kristen Howerton, Rage Against the Minivan

Read Kristen's 2014 #TalkEarly blogs:

Should parents tone down the drinking jokes on social media?

Setting the stage for our kids to confide in us


Jeannette Kaplun, Hispana Global

Read Jeannette's 2014 #TalkEarly blogs:

Discussing alcohol with your kids after family gatherings

Build trust and healthy communications skills with kids early on

Tips to tackle complicated issues with your kids

Are we prepared to be totally honest with our kids?

En Espanol:

Los Temas Controversiales Hay Que Hablaros Con Nuestros Hijos

8 Consejos Para Hablar de Temas Complejos Con Tus Hijos

¿Estamos Preparados Para Ser Sinceros Con Nuestros Hijos?


Adrian Kulp, Dad or Alive

Read Adrian's 2014 #TalkEarly blogs:

A Lifetime of (awkward) Conversations.

Talk Early Before it's Too Late.

Back at School.

Honesty is the Best Policy?


Fadra Nally, All Things Fadra

Read Fadra's 2014 #TalkEarly blogs:

What’s Funnier – Cats or Wine? #RefreshYourFunny

How to Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol (without sounding like a cliche)

Read Fadra's 2015 #TalkEarly blogs:

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere which means it’s time to talk about alcohol

The Joke Less Traveled #RefreshYourFunny

The Acorn Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree


Elena Sonnino, Live.Do.Grow

Read Elena's 2014 #TalkEarly blogs:

Impacting our Daughters through our Digital World

Guide A Lifetime of Healthy Habits

Why #TalkEarly?

Use Your Voice Smartly to #TalkEarly

Create a Culture of Conversation with #TalkEarly


Ellen Williams and Erin Dymowski, The Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

Read Ellen and Erin's 2014 #TalkEarly blogs:

Rate Your Role Modeling

Kindling for Conversation

#TalkEarly About Alcohol: Morsels, Breadcrumbs, and Spirals

#TalkEarly: Rise Above the Teen and Tween Grumpiness

Honesty is Easier When You #TalkEarly With Your Kids


Fredderick GoodallMocha Dad

Read Fred's 2015 #TalkEarly blogs:

Using Your Past to Talk to Your Children About Alcohol

What Do Kids Think About Alcohol-Related Online Jokes?

3 Ways to Build a Strong Emotional Connection with Your Children


Thien-Kim Lam, I’m Not the Nanny

Read Thien-Kim's 2015 #TalkEarly blogs:

Rethinking “Mommy’s Special Drink” Talk #TalkEarly

For Mother’s Day, I Want Memes! #RefreshYourFunny

Overcoming My Introverted Self to Be A More Mindful Parent


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