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Student Drinker Types

Building on the college binge drinking research, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility has undertaken an additional two phase research project to uncover the behaviors, motivations and decision processes of two drinker segments identified in the previous research – Savvy Sippers and Malleable Moderates.  The focus is to better understand their unique behaviors, motivations and activities associated with drinking as well as how their social networks and decision processes impact their drinking and how to help college students like them make better and responsible decisions when it comes to drinking.

Key highlights include:

This research confirmed that most college students begin their weekends on Thursday. Going out to dinner, going to bars, going to parties, and just drinking alcohol are the primary weekend activities (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). College students report their weekend plans are not premeditated but rather made the day of and easily changed. Students are, however, more likely to make decisions about how much they plan to drink before going out, and do so on their own rather than with their group.

For parents, there is good news in all this research. College students are studying (usually between Sunday-Wednesday), passing exams, and getting good grades. Completing papers and projects are considered very important goals in their typical week.

When it comes to socializing, college students are making their connections prior to arriving on campus or early in their college careers. Students identified key social groups, those they most commonly socialize, drink and feel closest to, as friends from their place of residence (52%), significant other (40%), and their hometown (29%).


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