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#TBT: Oh, the progress we have made!

Twenty-three years ago The Century Council was founded by America’s leading distillers who believed that their collective action could have a greater impact than many individual efforts.  Using its resources as a catalyst for action, The Century Council joined the forces of the beverage alcohol industry with law enforcement, public officials, educators, insurers, health care professionals and private citizen organizations to implement programs throughout the United States.  In the office hung artwork that read … Stopping alcohol abuse is easy … All it takes is everyone.

In 2014, with a bolder mission and a new name, the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ( has transformed countless lives through its programs and initiatives and has contributed significantly to historic lows in drunk driving and underage drinking. 

In 1991, 7 out of 10 eighth graders had consumed alcohol and someone was killed in a drunk driving fatal crash every 33 minutes.  Today drunk driving fatalities are down 35% with an average of one drunk driving fatality occurring every 51 minutes.  During this same time period underage drinking has decreased 60% proportionally with about one in four eighth graders reporting having consumed alcohol in the past year. 

While these numbers are encouraging, there is still much more work to be done. remains committed to working alongside all sectors of the community in this important fight to advance policies and programs to help eliminate drunk driving and underage drinking. still believes … Stopping alcohol abuse is easy and all it takes is everyone.  #Responsibility #TBT

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