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Thank You Teachers! We couldn’t do it without you…

This week is National Teacher Appreciation week. We know how valuable teachers are to our nation’s youth. Not only do they provide them with the tools to succeed in life, but they also encourage and empower them to say yes to a healthy lifestyle and no to underage drinking.

Through the Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix program we have been able to partner with  thousands of teachers across the United States. This year, through our collaboration with Scholastic we were able to reach 30,000 health teachers  and we provided them with educational resources that encourage kids to make smart and healthy lifestyle decisions.

Furthermore, Physical Education teachers enrolled their 5th, 6th and 7th graders in the Ask, Listen, Learn Challenge 2013.  The challenge gave Physical Ed teachers the opportunity to use our Ask Listen Learn Interactive Game to keep kids physically active while educating them about the dangers of underage drinking. Our partners at the National Association for Sport and Physical Education will announce the winners of the challenge this week as well.

We highly appreciate all the efforts that teachers put into making sure our nation’s youth is well prepared to face the challenges of the future, and that they continue to make smart and healthy lifestyle decisions along the way.

Thank you teachers for being amazing!

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