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The Bottom Line is Personal Responsibility

For a lot of this discussion on alcohol responsibility, the bottom line is being responsible on a personal level.

That is what National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Administrator, Mark Rosekind, shared with us.

“It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the medication you need for your health, or enjoy yourself at parties,” said Administrator Rosekind. “Go for it, but if you know you’re going to do that, take personal responsibility to have a plan, so that you’re not on the other end of a tragedy, for yourself or for other people around you.”

We couldn’t agree more with Administrator Rosekind on making a plan for yourself, and others if you are in a group, and can help you do so with our #SummerResponsibly resources.

Listen to the rest of this interview and see our #SummerResponsibly infographic that involves making a plan, below, and check out the rest of our interviews with Administrator Rosekind on our YouTube Channel!

Responsible Drinking

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